Май 23rd, 2009

The presentation of Leonid Korablev’s books

afisha The presentation of Leonid Korablev’s booksOn 07.11.2007 at 6.00 P.M. at the Hall of Presentations of the central Moscow book-store “Biblio-Globus” was held the presentation of Leonid Korablev’s books dedicated to Iceland. There were many Russian readers of the books and also journalists and musicians. The presentation was brilliantly conducted by the famous Moscow poet M.G. Slutsky, who prepared several funny questions and riddles about Icelandic geography, traditions and administration for participants of this presentation and often interrupted the author to entertain people among simple scholarly facts, which Leonid Korablev was talking about. During two hours the author himself told his Russian readers about Icelandic Culture (history, mythology, folklore, famous persons, etc.) and even made up several fangamörk (runic monograms) for certain persons. This cultural event was directly showed on 3 large TV screens: one of them was located at the street near Lubyanka Square practically right against the central building of Russian KGB.

Also there at the presentation participants had the opportunity to hear genuine Icelandic folk-music (namely the CD of “Islandica”).

Unfortunately, the Icelandic Embassy in person of Mr. Benedikt Ásgeirsson (the present Ambassador of Iceland in Russia) completely ignored this cultural event dedicated to Iceland, although several letters and invitations were sent to him.

Here you can see the photographs of the presentation.

Here you can see the first part of a video from the presentation.


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