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Май 23rd, 2009

The presentation of Leonid Korablev’s books

On 07.11.2007 at 6.00 P.M. at the Hall of Presentations of the central Moscow book-store “Biblio-Globus” was held the presentation of Leonid Korablev’s books dedicated to Iceland. There were many Russian readers of the books and also journalists and musicians. The presentation was brilliantly conducted by the famous Moscow poet M.G. Slutsky, who prepared several […]

Май 9th, 2009

Книга о Йоуне Учёном опубликована

Наконец опубликована книга Л.Кораблева о жизни Йоуна Гвюдмундс-сона Ученого, выдающегося деятеля исландской культуры XVII века…..