Апрель 20th, 2009


Do you know the folklore of Iceland good enough to survive in mountains and fjords there?

1) Who are the loftandar and how can you defend yourself from them?

2) What the villudyr is? What is the way to avoid it?

3) What is the tvímenni? How to discern it?

4) What is the difference between the fylgja of vikings’ time and the ættarfylgja of later times? What is the way to avoid it?

5) The Landdís and the huldufólk. Is there any difference between them?

6) Is the ásareið dangerous for human beings or not?

7) “Hvernig sæki ég að þér”? Is this person dangerous?

8) What do we know about the finngálkn?

9) How long do the draugar live?

10) The smokkormur. How can you use it?

11) The galdrageigskot. What is this?

12) The tröllafingur. What does this term mean (except for “the finger of troll” properly)?


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